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Organize Your Kids: Use ‘Pokemon Go’

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

Do you believe in coincidence?  Last night I was talking to a woman struggling with organizing her young son who has lots of legos and construction toys that are always underfoot or spread over her living room and bedroom.

Accordingly, I offered some tried and true suggestions like:

  • Create places to hold the items such as clear bins with pictures of the items to be contained.

  • Place the bins close to where the child plays.

  • Make sure your child can reach the bin easily and safely (perhaps a small step stool, if necessary.)                                                                                                                     

  • Make organizing fun!  I told my client what worked for me with my daughter.  We'd set a timer for a 5 or 10 minute tidy and see how much we could get done.  There was often a reward at the end such as playing a video game or watching a favourite TV show or video.  Often just doing it together was enough.  


In it the organizer describes how she uses the Pokemon Go app to get kids organized: I found a fun way to use the Pokemon Go app idea and turn it into a fun game to help you 

and your kids get organized.

If you have kids (or even if you don't) you have probably heard of Pokemon Go - the latest fad sweeping the world.  Yes, my daughter and I are playing.  It is a fun way to get

outside, work together as a team, walk the dog, learn to read a map and just have fun!

It is really pretty simple - and a bit addictive (we just do the basics):

  •  You look at a map of the area you are in for 'stops' (often a sign, a monument, a             statue, a bench, etc.)                                                                                                   

  •   When you get to a stop you can grab Pokemon balls that will help you later                 

  •    At random times during your walk, Pokemon characters pop up next to you and you     capture them. You then use those characters later in battles and to earn things

       People are stating such benefits as social interaction, exercise, fun and teamwork - all

       great for organizing, too!


  • Create stops - places they need to go to clean/organize (under their bed, their               bedroom floor,their stuffed toy collection, toys left out, etc.). To make it realistic, like the game, take pictures of these spots and create a folder/gallery on your phone for  them.

  • Create rewards - (for example:15 minutes watching TV, money, a food/snack item,        time with mom/dad, etc.). Write them down and put them in a jar.

  • Play the game - let the child choose the organizing spot they want to go to - when they  open the picture they need to find that spot in the house. After they clean or                  organize that spot they get to choose a reward from the jar. If they complete them        all, you could consider doing something extra special for them.

Talk about synchronicity.  Here's a way to structure kid-friendly organizing methods within a kid-friendly popular culture  Now that's a coincidence we can use.

Now is the best time to set up kid-friendly organizing systems.  

I’d love to talk with you more so please leave your comments below or call us and see how we can be of help!

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