"Moving to the big city of T.O. and downsizing from a house to a condo was a huge undertaking. There was so much stuff to get rid of. We were overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. Luckily a good friend recommended In and Out Organizing." Jeff, Toronto

Downsize / Move 

Save yourself stress and money!

Make moving less stressful and more afffordable! Whether you are buying or selling a home or you are a real estate agent who wants to place your clients in reliable hands, we can organize the move. We handle your move with great care from start to finish! We’ve done it multiple times. Our experience makes us uniquely qualified to deal with 'situations' as they come up. We won't miss details that could end up costing you money and memories.

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Our move management services include:

  • Coordination of donating, recycling and selling unwanted items

  • Packing and unpacking

  • Staging and storage coordination

  • Project management of:

    • Movers and moving supplies

    • Re-routing or cancellation of services

    • Pet care

    • Home cleaning

    • Other move-day details

  • Systems set-up: organizing your belongings in your new home and creating systems to help keep you organized

Who Can Benefit from Move Management?

  • Seniors who are downsizing

  • People with aging family members who are downsizing or moving to assisted living

  • Realtors who want to help their clients move with ease

  • Moving companies whose clients need extra assistance with their move

  • People dealing with a move due to death or divorce

  • Anyone who doesn’t have the time to deal with a stressful move

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Transform your home into a Clutter-Free Haven ! 

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