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Fall Declutter Guide: What to Do Every Autumn

These fall decluttering projects can help you organize your home and make space for the upcoming winter and holiday season. If you're wondering, "Where should I start organizing my stuff?" These tips are a straightforward first step toward a clutter-free, cleaner home.

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Garage Organizing: One Third at a time!

The Garage is usually the Final Frontier. It's the place of last resort when we don't know where to store things. We often put them in the garage in a pell-mell manner never to be seen again.

But no more. Use this handy checklist as your guide. Then go to our blog " A Slacker's Guide to an Organized Garage." for a great step-by-step easier approach to organizing your garage.

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How to Preserve Schoolyear Memories!

Are you struggling to organize all the school papers and art projects that have accumulated steadily throughout the year?


Discover how to preserve cherished memories with our infographic.

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Makeup Expiration Guide: Product Shelf Life!


It's hard to declutter the bathroom or your vanity when you're stuck in indecision. 
This printable reminder will help you decide what to keep and what to pitch/recycle.

 Print off the form and tape it to the inside of your vanity. Next time you're uncertain about whether to keep it, you'll know where to look.


For all your decluttering needs

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7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy!


This wallet-sized printable reminder will keep you from making purchases that you will regret. Print off the form and pop it into your wallet beside your preferred method of payment. Next time you're faced with an impulse purchase pull it out and honestly answer these 7 questions before you buy!.

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10 Tips for Good Conversation: The most interesting conversations happen when you're interested!


Everybody, without exception, wants to be seen, and heard, and understood. To be acknowledged.

Choose one of these tips and master it, you'll already enjoy better conversations.

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Spring Home upkeep list - printable

Documents to Keep and for how long


It is more important than ever to safeguard and/or securely dispose of personal documents, with identity theft and other misuse of people's information on the rise.

Check out the guidelines to see how long you should keep some of your important documents or if you should discard them.

Spring Home Upkeep List

Spring is a grand time to give the outside of your house a good once-over.

challenge excuses stopping you from letting of stuff - printable
Spring Cleaning Secrets - printable
5 Strategies to Help You Stay Organized - printable
Declutter Questions to help you decide. - printable
shopping decision guide. - printable
how to declutter living room checklist. - printable
guest room checklist. - checklist
How to Declutter Kitchen Checklist. - printable
how to declutter fridge checklist. - printable
how to declutter bedroom checklits. - printable
Part 1 Cleaning Checklist: entrance, dining room, front porch. - printable
Part 2 Cleaning Checklist: kitchen, fridge, bedroom. - printable
Cleaning checklist: living room, family room, bathroom. - printable

Challenging your Excuses

Speak back to excuses keeping you stuck!

If you want to declutter and organize your home effectively focus on the emotions that are holding you back from letting go of clutter. Learn to challenge those fears, beliefs, and excuses that are keeping you stuck.

Spring Cleaning Secrets: Stolen Blueprint from my Housekeeper

Learn simple powerful strategies to stay on top of your home.  Get a sample spring cleaning checklist, overlooked items to clean, and quality tips to keep you on track.

5 Strategies to Help You Stay Organized

These powerful strategies will help you stay on top of your world.  They say you can't manage time but you can learn to manage yourself. Try one or two to save time and help you stay organized.

Declutter Questions To Help You Decide

These powerful decluttering questions will help you decide what to declutter.  You'll feel less overwhelmed and anxious about your options. Use them to guide you to save time and help you stay organized.

Shopping Decision Guide

No more buyer's remorse!

Avoid impulse buying. Use this Shopping Decision Guide to avoid buying things you don't need and/or can't afford.  

How to Declutter Living Room

This is where your guests will gather! Turn your living room into an organized haven where everyone feels at home. These tips will save you time and help you stay organized.

Guest Room Essential Checklist

Use this essential guest room checklist to ensure your guests feel welcomed and cherished.

How to Declutter Your Kitchen

Organized cabinets and countertops are a must. Don't let your kitchen be a dumping ground. Give everything a home. These tips will save you time and help you stay organized.

How to Declutter Your Fridge

Clean out, clean up and organize your fridge before your grocery shopping so your fridge is fresh and optimized. These tips will save you time and help you stay organized.

How to Declutter Your Bedroom

Transforming your bedroom into a calm oasis begins with clearing the clutter. 
These strategies will show you how to
declutter your bedroom fast.

Part 1 - Cleaning Checklist

This checklist covers 3 areas of a home: the entrance, the front porch and the dining room. They have been chosen to start with first because they are the simplest to organize and clean. 

Part 2 - Cleaning Checklist

This checklist covers 3 areas of a home: the kitchen, the fridge and the bedroom. These are more complex but need to be organized and cleaned before guests come over. 

Part 3 - Cleaning Checklist

This checklist covers 2 areas of a home: the living room/family room,  and the bathroom. Besides the kitchen, these are used the most frequently and need to be organized and cleaned closer to when guests come over. 

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