"There was so much stuff to clear away, we didn't know where to start. We felt like we were drowning. Brad and Cathy saved us."  Robin, Toronto


Estate Organizing and Liquidation

 Take the load off your shoulders!

Minimize your family's stress and maximize your estate's value. When you need to pack up and sell the family home, count on us to handle your possessions responsibly with care and compassion. We'll ensure that desired belongings are kept safe for the family. If you wish to sell a large amount of items, we'll manage an on-line sale that's quick and easy. You'll make money and the buyers cart away the items.

  • We respect all of the family’s decisions. 

  • Arrange to sell valuable items for the best price. We do not take a commission on the sale of the home’s possessions – we only charge the estate for our time.

  • Distribute remaining items in a socially responsible manner. 

  • We will liaise and provide reports to the Power of Attorney at every stage. 

  • Prepare home for sale.

  • Provide auction services.

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