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Happy clients share their stories - read all about it!  

Realtor praises Brad and Greg for a job well-done

I am a Realtor® and found Brad and Greg online when searching for a decluttering and organizing company to help get a new listing ready for market.  After a telephone interview, it was very easy to recommend them to my Client Seller, and he hired In And Out Organizing on the spot.  They did the job extremely well and I will refer them again.

Jeffrey Joseph, Realtor®  

Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage


Happy Female client wearing a tiara.

You will not meet harder workers, nicer people or kinder hearts! was such a great experience for us... one that could have and should have been harrowing! Do not hesitate to hire In and Out Organizing. They are good at what they do, have amazing prices and really great people.. so much more than just organizers !

- Amy Ferreira, Toronto

Brad gets Caroline's new condo organized for accessibility

With his lighthearted nature, Brad made the decluttering session an enjoyable and fun day. Brad has a talent in seeing the big picture while also attending to the finer details.


- Caroline Acton, Toronto


Smiling female client thanks Brad and Cathy for staging house.

Brad and Cathy decluttered and staged my house getting it ready for open house.  In a few short days they had my house looking better than ever and it sold for more than I expected.


- Elyssa Schmid, Toronto

John Joseph with his partner Bill give a glowing testimonial to Brad.

With his brilliant creativity, Brad makes the organizing session an enjoyable and fun experience. Brad is an artist who sees the masterpiece while  looking at the blank canvas.


- John Joseph & Bill, Toronto

Mark says Cathy and Brad were fantastic.

Cathy and Brad at In and Out Organizing were fantastic. They were able to jump right in and roll up their sleeves and do a great decluttering job on a very short timeline. They were friendly, professional and flexible. I would definitely use them again. 

- Mark Makuch, Toronto

Smiling Garth now has his vintage collection archived

Brad transformed my small condo kitchen into a friendly, functional space. He also helped me  archive my cherished vintage RCAF memorabilia and photograph collection.  Thank you for your vison, compassion and empathetic ear, Brad.


- Garth (Judge) Wenham, Toronto 

With Cathy and Brad's help, Louise  is put at ease on her wedding day

 Cathy and Brad made a very plain room look elegant and inviting for our wedding reception. They were very professional, flexible, and put us at ease during a busy day


- Sue Wiseman & Louise Mahood,        Toronto

Julie says she's very happy with In and Out Organizing.

Cathy and Brad came in for an afternoon to help me get a handle on the overwhelming amount of kids stuff (I have two little ones). They had lots of great ideas for tackling the tough spots that I would have put off doing forever, and they took away bags of stuff for donation without me having to do the drop off myself. We no longer look like we live in an exploded Toys R Us, so I'm very happy about that! They were both so friendly and took the time to think about what would work best for my family, and even some tips on how to keep things going after they left. I would definitely recommend.

- Julie Crawford, Toronto

Fiona says Cathy is amazing.

Cathy is AMAZING!! she was so kind and really helped me de-clutter not just my stuff but my life. She never pushed me and made sure all the decisions on what to get rid of were my own. I would very highly recommend In and Out Organizing to anyone who wants to not just get rid of things but to also help with understanding why you held on to these items and why it's ok to part with them. 

- Fiona M. Brampton

Client Lissa recommends Cathy and Brad.

Brad and Cathy are not only organizers, they are also really good listeners that take the time to understand their customers' needs. Moving house, downsizing, getting rid of clutter isn't only physical. There's a huge emotional and psychological component to it that's so important to recognize and to hold space for. This brother sister duo get it!! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them!!

-Lissa Cowan, Toronto

Cathy was absolutely fabulous. I was totally overwhelmed.  I didn't know how to start and was ashamed that I'd let things get so bad.  It took me a while to get the courage to call. I'm so glad I did.  She helped get my large 2 bedroom apartment decluttered and organized to the point where I now can have people over.  Not only that, I can find things quickly. She's patient and understanding and helped me to take baby steps - working at a pace that was good for me. She listened to me and presented ideas I hadn't thought of. I felt like a big heavy weight was lifted off my shoulders. I definitely recommend her.  I can't stop singing her praises.  I tell everyone that I couldn't have done it without her.

- Dawna P., Toronto

Highly recommended . Brad really was "in and out" in less than 4 hours and made what was an overwhelming job for me, easy...and even fun!!  I can't wait to have him back to tackle some other areas, if he'll have me. I'm very happy with what we accomplished together.  


-Tasha L., Toronto

What a wonderful experience I had with Brad and Cathy. I had recently had hip replacement surgery and getting around in my apartment was really difficult. I needed help in making my home more accessible. A friend recommended In and Out Organizing. This brother and sister team were great - so empathetic, calm and efficient and they really listened to me. They organized and rearranged   the furniture so that it was not in my way and I could reach the things that I needed on a daily basis.  It made such a positive difference to my life.

Mona W., Toronto

Hi, I strongly recommend Brad. I had a solid 5 hours with him and he is beyond exceptional. Exactly the type of help you need. 

- Zia Hassan, Toronto

I finally decided to give a home organizing company a try.
I've been thinking of it for years but was too ashamed honestly of what my house had become.
I'm not sure what drew me to Brad and Cathy; but I do know that I made the right choice. 
After a friendly phone call with Brad to discuss my issues- we picked a date and they came over..
My anxiety level was high, and I felt utterly exposed- Until they walked through the door that is.
So-after 4 hours with Brad and Cathy at the helm, my basement was 100% organized! 
They helped go through every single thing, and  came up with a plan on how to store/organize/donate/discard.. each piece.
So- yes.. I WILL most certainly have In and Out back to my house.
We'll deal with another whole section of my house.
One area at a time.
Thanks so much In and Out Organizing.. Brad, Cathy- You have no idea how much you helped me- while making it a fun and stress free experience.
Especially by giving me the hope that I can pull it all together- when I figured it was just way too out of control.
With your help.. of course!

- Carolyn, Whitchurch-Stouffville

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