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Home Organizing Checklists

Dining  Room Zones

Think of the dining room as your home's strong backbone, supporting family gatherings. Our guide gives practical steps for each zone. Picture a better dining experience with tidy table settings and special spots for dishes. Imagine a neat space with useful storage for entertaining supplies. Check out our dining room tips to make meals and time together even better.

chart of Dining room zones of function

Organize the Master bedroom

This is an essential space that contributes to your overall well-being and rest.
The master bedroom has three zones designated for sleeping, relaxing, and dressing. Check out this Do's and Don'ts for organizing the master bedroom

chart of Do's and Don'ts Bedroom Tips Infographic.png

Organize the Master Closet

 An organized closet can save you time and reduce stress, allowing you to easily find what you need and feel confident in your style choices.  The master closet has four zones: hanging; shelving; accessories; and floor


Organize the Kitchen

Organizing your kitchen using zones can help you keep everything in order and make cooking a breeze.
When organizing your kitchen, think of it as a collection of zones, arranging everything by function.

Minimal Brown Tips Decorating Your Kitchen Infographic.png

Pantry Inventory List

Keep track of your pantry items with our bonus 2-page printable Pantry Inventory Sheet. It will help you easily identify what you have and plan your grocery shopping more efficiently.

Pantry Inventory.png

Linen Closet Organizing

Ready for the Linen Closet Challenge?
Let's transform your linen closet into a haven of tidiness and functionality.
With just 15 minutes a day, we'll conquer the chaos and master the art of folding and more. 

linen closet zones).png

Living Room Zones

View the living room as your home's lungs, breathing in relaxation and connections. Our guide outlines practical strategies for each zone. Imagine an organized entertainment hub, designated spots for DVDs and labelled cords. Envision an orderly bookshelf and a cozy corner with neatly folded throws. Explore our living room reference to create a haven of comfort and camaraderie.

living room organizing zones in a chartpng

Laundry Zones

The laundry room plays a crucial role in keeping our clothes clean and organized. Check out this handy reference of various organizing tips and tricks for each zone in the laundry room, helping you create a harmonious and functional space

Copy of Multicolored Abstract Blank Stationery 8.5 x 11 Letter (2).png

Organize the Master Bathroom

The master bathroom is crucial for starting and ending each day with ease, ensuring you look and feel your best.

The master bathroom has four zones designated for bathing, grooming, relaxing and storing.

Do's and Don'ts Bathroom Infographic (1).png

Fridge Zones

"Discover our helpful Fridge Zones Chart! It shows you where to put different types of food in your fridge and explains why. It makes organizing easy and keeps your food fresh and easy to find."

Copy of Multicolored Abstract Blank Stationery 8.5 x 11 Letter (2).png

2-Week Grocery List

Simplify your shopping experience with our FREE Two-Week Grocery List, designed to help you stay organized and save time. Imagine walking into the store armed with a comprehensive list, knowing exactly what you need and where to find it. No more last-minute dashes to grab forgotten items or buying things you don't need. It's time to take control of your shopping routine! Download our FREE Two-Week Grocery List and enjoy these benefits:

2 week grocery list .png

Entryway Organizing

Simplify your entryway organization with our handy reference guide. This downloadable handout provides practical tips and suggestions for each of the six zones in your entryway. From shoe storage to key organization and more, our guide will help you transform your entryway into a clutter-free and welcoming space. Download and keep this reference handy for easy access as you tackle your entryway organization project. Let's create an entryway that sets the stage for a stylish and organized home!

Copy of Multicolored Abstract Blank Stationery 8.5 x 11 Letter (2).png
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