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Christmas Checklist

The Christmas Sprint: The final four days.

You’re close to the finish line.

Let’s tidy up a few lose ends.

To Print Click on PDF. Then right click on the image after it opens. Press Print .

Christmas Meal Plan

Make your meal plan ahead of time and shop for all the food now. You can prep most of it ahead of time to make things smoother later in the week.   

To Print Click on PDF. Then right click on the image after it opens. Press Print .

Christmas Tree Tips

This infographic has excellent tips that will help you buy the right tree for your space.  You'll find out how to care for it and what to do with it when you no longer want it in your space.

To Print Click on PDF. Then right click on the image after it opens. Press Print .

10 Decluttering Motivational Tips

These decluttering secrets will help motivate you even when you don't feel like it. After all feelings are not facts. If you want to change how you feel about something - change your attitude.

Prioritize Holiday Plans

Decide which activities are a priority. List the possible activities. Rank each activity's importance from 1 - 10. In your December calendar, schedule the most important and add a few you'd like to do.

Holiday Activity and Fun Ideas

Are you looking for fun activity ideas this holiday season? Check out these ideas for a little inspiration. Some of these may be things you always do but maybe there's something you haven't tried. 

Christmas Card Tracker


Keep track of who sends you Christmas cards this year, and make sure all those names are on your list, at least for next year. check the return address on the cards you receive to make sure the address you have is accurate.

Holiday Baking Organizer


Keep track of what  you need for your holiday baking! Just download and print this Holiday Baking Organizer. Keep it on your fridge so you don't forget any of your ingredients. Combine this with another great pdf from Imperial Sugar to help you keep track of what you need for baking this holiday season

Clutter-Free Gift Guide


Are you looking for gift ideas for people with a lot of stuff? Look at these clutter-free gift ideas to get you inspired. Buying experiences makes us happier than buying things. Shop mindfully with a conscience.

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December Gift List


Don't be saddled with credit card debt come January.  Set a realistic budget and stick to it. You'll be happier and less stressed. It is the thought that counts.    :)

10 Minute Declutter Checklist for the Kitchen

You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish 10 minutes at a time!

Don't have a lot of extra time? No matter. Just choose a category and declutter.

Keep only what you use, value and need.

Don't hold on to things that you have too many of, or that don't work, or take up too much space for the value they provide.

Breaking down the task of decluttering your kitchen into manageable chunks makes it so much easier!

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Weekly Meal Plan and Grocery List

Meal planning will make it easier to cook in the kitchen after working all day. 

You'll prevent decision fatigue, avoid wasting food, have control over food variety and ingredients and you'll save time and money.

Make some of your fondest memories those sitting down to a home-cooked meal. 

Bedroom Declutter Checklist

Choose a category and get started. Have a recycling bag, donation bag, and garbage bag on hand. For example: Set your timer for 10 minutes. Put all of your t-shirts on your made bed. Decide which ones you want to keep. Put them aside. The rest either give away, recycle if appropriate, or trash. Put the t-shirts you are keeping back where they belong.

bedroom Checklist Printable_edited.jpg
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5 Step Guide to Clutter-free Home

This is your roadmap to an organized space. Follow these 5 essential steps to help to create a clutter-free and organized home.  You can download the checklist by clicking on the download button and best of luck at the start of your organizing journey.

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