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Summer + Travel Printables


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Aerobic Class in Pool
Pastel Flight Travel Tips Infographic.jpg

Top Tips for a Comfortable Flight.
Make your next flight a little easier. These five tips will also make the whole in-flight experience a lot more comfortable and a bit less crazy-making:

Organize yourself; get the right headphones; choose luggage wisely; get some sleep and plan your arrival.

Bon Voyage!


Modern trip Packing list Checklist.png
Summer to do list_edited.jpg
Copy of Camping holiday Packing list.png

Carry-on Packing List
Each summer we used to travel back to my hometown, Vancouver.
Now that Covid restrictions have eased we're flying there again.
As was my pattern, I'd pack more than I needed. You know. "Just in Case".
But not this time.
This time, I am being ruthless.
I've created this packing list for me and for you.


Summer To-do List

Does your day often feel like an unfinished to-do list?

Maybe it's time to take summer back from the efficiency experts. 

Maybe it's time for a new kind of Summer to-do list.

May you find some inspiration to create a fun list of activities to refresh and renew you.


Camping Packing List: Personal Items 

If you are a casual car camper like me, you will still require all of the essentials: a tent, a sleeping bag, warm clothing, food, and a way to cook it all. This personal items camping checklist is a list of things you will need to feel more comfortable on a camping or any summer holiday if you exclude the hiking section.


What You Should Do During a Heat Wave!

Stay cool and safe during a heat wave with our informative infographic. Discover essential tips and precautions to beat the heat and protect yourself from extreme temperatures. From staying hydrated to finding cool spaces, this printable resource will guide you on what to do during a heat wave. Be prepared and stay comfortable all summer long.

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