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10 Best Xmas Decor Storage Tips

Christmas Decorations Balls

Christmas decorations add to the excitement of the holidays; the challenge is how to store them afterwards.

Organizing your decorations now will save you money and aggravation later.

Spend some time today organizing your Christmas decorations so you don't have to do it again next year. You'll have beautiful decorations that are safely stored out of sight until they're needed again. All of the hard work will be done, and you'll delight in beautiful decorations every year.

Save time and money by using these methods to organize your decorations. You'll have lovely decorations every year without breaking the bank.

The Fundamental Guidelines

Use Proper Storage

Large Red and Green Storage Bins

The holidays are an annual occurrence.

Investing in suitable ornament storage makes sense.

Buy sturdy red or green storage bins which are both recognizable and noticeable.


There are two approaches to organizing holiday decorations.

The first is to group all items of the same type together, such as candles, Santas, and snowmen.

The second option is to organize by room if you set up your home the same way every year,


Christmas ornaments accumulate. The first step is to declutter your items before storing them.

  • Determine whether or not you require each item.

  • Is it still appropriate for your style?

  • Do you have too much of something?

  • Are any of them broken?

Storage and Organization Tips

Mantel with Christmas Stockings candles and greenery
Fireplace Christmas Decor

1. Take a photograph.

Remember to take pictures of everything as you take down the decorations. This includes your dining table, hearth, and any other decorated areas.

You'll be able to refer to these for many years to come.

Next Christmas family members can assist you in setting it up according to the pictures.

2. Arrange all the Christmas decorations in one room for sorting.

Make a point of inspecting each item as you sort through it and deciding whether to keep it.

If you use it and enjoy it, keep it!

If it is not wanted, shattered, or torn - get rid of it.

3. Make a shopping list of the items you need to replace.

Use your list.

Save money by buying items right after the holiday is over, before putting away all the decorations for the year.

4. Use large storage containers to store a variety of Christmas decorations.

Within the large containers, use smaller containers to keep each type of decoration separate. Label the smaller containers to make it easier to find what you're looking for.

5. Cushion your decorations before placing them in a large plastic bin.

The bin will add another layer of protection and keep them all contained.

the word LABEL in colourful blocks

Christmas decorations may fill more than one bin, so label them accordingly.

  • Use a permanent marker or label maker to label the top and sides of each bin. Identifying the contents of the box will be a lot easier this way.

  • Do you bake cookies to begin the Christmas season?Then label a bin "Open me first for Christmas" for your cookie cutters. It is also a good idea to include a shopping list of the items that need to be replaced in this container. Make sure you label everything!

Christmas Cookie Cutters - Christmas tree, Star

6. It is important to handle holiday ornaments with care since many of them are delicate. If you don't have ornament boxes, wrap them in a newspaper or soft tissue paper.

  • Store wrapped ornaments in a partitioned container, such as an egg carton, a tackle

hand puts decoration into box

box, or a desk drawer tray.

  • Use garment bags to store wreaths or swags. Garment bags are useful for items that may shed sparkles or spruce needles if jostled too much.

  • Use clear garment bags to keep wrapping paper dust-free and accessible.

  • Use magazine files to store gift bags.

7. There are a number of ways to keep holiday lights tangle-free.

Christmas Lights and person kneeling beside tree

  • Wrap the holiday lights around an empty paper towel roll. Leave the plug loose so you can test every single socket before wrapping them completely. Also, keep an extension cord that is compatible with these lights in there.

  • Wrap light strands in cut-to-size cardboard (think shoe box tops.) Store them in a single box for tangle-free tree trimming.

  • Another way is to use small traffic cones. Many office supply stores and online retailers sell small 6-inch traffic cones. Wrap light strands in a figure-eight pattern around two cones to save yourself a lot of trouble next year.

Christmas Lights wrapped around cardboard

8. Store items you use only during the holiday season, such as a turkey fryer, holiday themed cookie cutters, and extra-large roasting pans. Again use boxes and/or labeled bins. When you store rarely used items you will save space in your kitchen for things that you use regularly.

Roast Turkey in Roasting Pan

9. You can recycle your Christmas tree.

  • Dispose of your tree in an environmentally friendly manner.

  • You can recycle Artificial trees. Most recycling centres accept twisted metal used to make these trees.

  • Don't use your fireplace to burn Christmas tree branches. Creosote, a flammable chemical, can form as a result of it.

  • *Leave it in its stand and place it outside to give wildlife shelter.

  • *Mulch perennials with the branches.

  • *Use the trunk for something else. As a rustic garden bed edging, lay it down.

Recycled Christmas Tree with recycling sign

Now it's your turn: Comment Below. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or send us an email with YOUR holiday decoration organization tips. Sharing is Caring!


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