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A Decluttering Checklist helps you decide what to get rid of.

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

If you want to save yourself from hurry and indecision, having a decluttering checklist is extremely helpful. Rather than desperately throwing things out and regretting your decision later or hanging on to unwanted things that are taking up precious space because you can't make a decision, having a checklist can be a powerful guide for helping you stay the course as you navigate through your pile of possessions. Sometimes though even a checklist is not enough. If you are like many of us, getting started is the biggest hurdle. But there is a solution. Scheduling a session with us has a way of keeping one focused and gently on task. It can work for you. We'd love to talk with you more so please call us and see how we can be of help. Cathy and Brad at In and Out Organizing

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