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How to Quickly Organize any Room!

Fall is a great time to get started on new projects. Here is an easy guide to help you get organized!

In and Out Organizing offers in-home and virtual organizing services for your home or office based on our simple core system. Here are the steps to create a functional, organized space that can be applied to any room.

First choose one room to start with – then repeat the process in a second space once the first room is complete! Starting is often the toughest step! There’s no time like the present to set realistic goals, renew your space and label so your hard work doesn’t go to waste!


1. Prioritize

Determine which room to start in first. Ask yourself which area is giving you the most grief? Start there. It will make the rest of your tasks seem so much easier!

2. Pull Out & Sort

Pull out all items from your room of choice. Sort like items with like items and place items into piles by category as you clear out drawers, cabinets, bins etc.

3. Edit & Categorize

After you’ve finished sorting, begin to edit (declutter)! Decide which items to keep, toss or donate. Look at each item individually to determine if you want, need

and/or love it. Yes I know you don’t love your tax file but you do need to keep it.

4. Figure Out Placement

Now that you’ve decluttered, figure out which things deserve prime real estate and which do not. Prime real estate is easy to get to areas. This is where to keep items you use regularly. Anything you do not need to access often can be placed up high, down low or in another area of your home like the garage, basement or attic.

5. Contain and Label

Once you’ve decided on where the items belong, figure out whether those items can stand alone, or need to be contained. Containment is vital when it comes to creating a specific home for each category to live. Choose containers that are functional, attractive and the proper size to maximize your space! Oh, and don’t forget to use easy-to-read labels on the containers. This will help you easily maintain your newly organized space.

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