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Moving from House to Apartment: How a Professional Organizer Makes Senior Downsizing Easier

It's been estimated that the average U.S. household has 300,000 things, from paper clips to ironing boards.

- Dr. Regina Clark

So you're moving from a 3 bedroom house into a 2 bedroom apartment. You must be feeling excited. And even trepidatious because you know it's not all going to fit. The unchartered territory of downsizing lies ahead.

The typical American household has 300,000 items-from paper clips to ironing boards! It stands to reason that because your new place is smaller, you may need to get rid of at least half of your belongings.

This doesn't have to be a bad thing! Instead, think of it as a way of creating space in your life for something new, and even better! By getting rid of the clutter, you can open up a world of possibilities.

As you grow and expand it is natural to then shed the old to make room for the new.

- Connie Chapman, "13 Lessons On Letting Go (And Making More Room For What You Love)"

It can be an exciting time. You are getting ready to transition from your home of 30 years to a much more manageable apartment.

As you prepare for this move, consider all the belongings you've acquired over the years. You'll need to decide what to keep and what to do with the rest. Yet, it's not only about simplifying and getting rid of unwanted items. It's also deciding what you want to take with you.

It's not only about simplifying and getting rid of unnecessary items. It's also deciding what you want to take with you.

Deciding what to take with you will be both practical and esthetical.

  • You'll need a floor plan of your new apartment to decide whether the furniture you want to take will fit.

  • You'll need to decide whether your furniture is suitable for the décor in your new place. For example, a heavy ornate dark wood armoire may not look good in your new sunroom.

  • Don't be afraid to donate or discard items that no longer serve you. It's a great opportunity to start fresh in your new home!

There are Many Reasons to Hire a Professional Organizer

We at In and Out Organizing have been helping mature adults declutter and downsize for close to a decade. We know there are many reasons to hire a Professional Organizer:

  • Many older Canadians don't have family or family living near them. So adult children may not be able to help with the downsizing required for a move.

  • There is an emotional and physical toll to downsizing a family home due to age or other factors.

  • The Professional Organizer is near the client. We are available when the family can't be. We are a second set of hands, making the transition easier for everyone.

  • Older adults often have not moved in decades. They need support because the task of decluttering and downsizing can be overwhelming.

  • A Professional Organizer makes the downsizing process smoother. When you hire us you are getting compassionate objectivity and experienced help. We are also insured.

Getting experienced help can ease the entire downsizing process.

Specific Reasons to hire a Professional Organizer. (when you're downsizing from your larger home to a smaller apartment.)

Emotional Reasons for Hiring a Professional Organizer

First, decluttering and downsizing can be an emotional process for anyone. After having lived in your home for many years, you have a fair amount of possessions. It can be hard to let go of items with personal meaning or memories. We help you preserve the memories and separate the best from the rest. We provide a sounding board and emotional support. Going through this process is beneficial.

Physical Reasons for Hiring a Professional Organizer

Second, decluttering and downsizing is physically demanding. It is too much for anyone who has mobility or health issues. We make the process much easier and safer. You can work shoulder-to-shoulder with us or relax while we do the physical work. Either way, you have the final say about what stays or goes. We make the process transparent and seamless.

A Professional Organizer brings Perspective

Third, we provide perspective when you are making decisions. It can be hard to make tough decisions on what to keep, donate, or discard when it comes to your home and belongings. We ask you, focusing questions to help you make decisions you won't regret. This makes us a valuable resource. We look at your possessions with a fresh set of eyes. We provide an objective view and make the whole process smoother.

Professional Organizers Offer Expertise

Fourth. A professional organizer provides guidance and expertise. Downsizing is an art, not a science. We take into consideration the senior's specific needs and situation.

We don't rush anyone into making rash decisions.

Nobody wants their possessions to end up in the trash because they either ran out of time. Or because they didn't know where or how to dispose of them. We have this knowledge and will either do it for you or explain how to do it.

Not only will our expert advice and knowledge help find new homes for items. We'll help you disperse: give to loved ones, sell, or donate. We recycle the rest or responsibly dispose of them.

We will help create an organized plan and timeline. This ensures that you and/or your children feel comfortable and in control of the situation.

Decluttering, and downsizing can seem like a daunting task at any age. By providing support, help, objectivity, and expertise we make the process easier.

We understand that downsizing the family home is stressful and confusing at any time of life.

It can be particularly complicated in later life.

You may not have anyone who can help you. We help seniors without children, or who have children living away from home. We provide a service that will save you time and money,

You'll no longer have the overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to start. Let us use our experience to help you through the process, and provide you with invaluable help to get the job done.


At In and Out Organizing, we understand the stress and confusion associated with decluttering and downsizing in later life. Let us use our experience to help you through the process, and provide you with help to get the job done. Call Brad to chat: 416 8590518


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