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Closing Date and Moving: Downsizing to your dream home! Part 3

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Dream Home

(part 3 of a 3-part series "Thinking About Dowsizing": part 1. part 2.)

There are so many steps in selling your property that it can be overwhelming. You can take the guess work out when you enlist the help of a good realtor. Your Realtor will review these steps with you and support you in them. You will also require a Lawyer to close out the final paperwork and provide significant services in the closing process where the title is transferred from Seller to Buyer. At this time, you may also be searching for your dream home and here too your real estate agent is crucial to the home buying process. Your realtor should be a combination of a personal adviser, consultant, and negotiator showing you homes that match your criteria, guiding you through the home buying processes, and negotiating the best possible price for your home.

Your realtor should be a combination of a personal adviser, consultant, and negotiator
Your realtor should be a combination of a personal adviser, consultant, and negotiator

Similarly as with selling, if you are buying a new house or condominium you will need the Realtor and Lawyer to work together on that process. In the case of pre-construction homes or condos, it’s important to seek their advice on the terms of the Agreement with the builder before sign-off. The actual move may require the management services of a professional organizer which could include packing and settling-in services. If you are planning to move into a condo you will have a checklist of actions items to do, from registering with property management (e.g. Your pets must be registered), paying deposits and booking elevators etc.

Whatever type of home you are moving into, a Professional Organizer can advise on the best plan of action for a smooth and affordable transition. The following are some of the things a Professional Organizer can do to lighten your burden and ensure that yours is a smooth move:

Step 1: Decluttering.

You’ve finally finished with open houses and your house is sold; but wait there’s more - it is time now to make the final decisions about what is going with you to your new home. Most of us have acquired many objects, such as family memorabilia. Since Professional Organizers can be completely objective because they are not emotionally attached to your things, they can help you decide what will rationally fit into your new living space. Taking the time beforehand to measure and photograph each room in your new place, or refer to a floor-plan, will help with the decision making. After all you can only fit so much into any given space. Now you can tentatively decide where you want furniture placed and where items should be stored.

Step 2: Categorizing.

Many mover’s will just pack rooms randomly into boxes in preparation for a move. A Professional Organizer will logically inventory and rationalize each container so you know which room and where in that room it is intended to go. This will save you much time and frustration looking for items in your new home.

Step 3: Unpacking.

A Professional Organizer will unpack your inventoried boxes and put them away in their predetermined places. They will also assist in furniture placement and make recommendations on new and improved organizing systems ensuring comfort in your new home. They will have you perfectly organized in your new home within a couple of days saving you a world of time, discomfort and stress!

Step 4: Organizing systems.

A Professional Organizer will set up your new home properly and orderly, by consulting with you, and understanding your particular lifestyle and requirements. For example, are you a two career family with small children and have no time to clean up their clutter after them? Are you an active sport minded family and need special places for your equipment? Are you having physical challenges and mobility issues? These are all the scenarios a good Professional Organizer will consider when setting up your new home.

Step 5: Coordination of Services.

Hiring an experienced Professional Organizer to help you move will save you time, energy and stress. They can even recommend any number of professional trades people, such as general contractor’s, electricians, handymen, cleaning services, etc.

When downsizing, talk to Professional Organizers and find out what’s involved in editing your “stuff”. Check with your Accountant regarding financial matters and make sure that the plan makes sense from the start. Most importantly, write out a plan of action, and use checklists with timelines.

save money, time and improve the quality of your downsizing experience
save money, time and improve the quality of your downsizing experience

When thinking about downsizing professional help from a realtor and professional organizer can save you money, time and improve the quality of your downsizing experience. Don’t be afraid to seek professional help early. Talk to different Realtors and ask them to share their experience in helping clients in the downsizing process. A good realtor will help you with critical decisions around your property’s value and realistic financial steps as to whether to rent, lease or buy your next home. And of course, they can help you to acquire your affordable dream home. A good professional organizer will help you edit, organize, arrange and remove belongings as well as coordinating your move and settling you in to your new place. Downsizing can be overwhelming especially for those who have lived in one place for many years. However, it can be made much easier with good planning and the help of your two best allies - your Realtor™ and your Professional Organizer!

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